Our Scholarship Program

squareGodparents for Tanzania provides scholarships to fifty students from the Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions. Our students attend Tanzanian secondary schools, vocational training programs, colleges, and universities. Our students’ schools and programs of study are carefully chosen, so that our graduates can find permanent, full-time employment and work to raise the standard of living for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our scholarship program:

Q: How much does it cost to sponsor a student?

A: The cost to sponsor a secondary school student or a vocational training student for one year is $1000. This amount covers tuition, room and board, uniform, supplies, transportation, and all other expenses.

Some of our secondary and vocational students have one sponsor who gives $1000 per year. Others have two sponsors who contribute $500 each.

The cost to sponsor a college or university student is higher and varies depending on the program of study. A student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Education, for example, will need $5000 per year for three years. College and university students usually have multiple sponsors.

Elisante, a student at Msufini Secondary School, proudly displays a gift from his sponsors

Elisante, a student at Msufini Secondary School, proudly displays a gift from his sponsors

Q: I can’t afford to give $500 or $1000 per year, but I’d still like to contribute. How can I help?

A: We have established two specific funds–our Clinical Officer Training Fund and our Teacher Training Fund–to help students who are studying to become clinical officers (physician assistants) and teachers. Donations of any amount to these funds help us cover tuition and other expenses for these students.

Q: Why the special emphasis on clinical officers and teachers?

A: Clinical officers (physician assistants) are the backbone of the Tanzanian health care system. They diagnose and treat common ailments, which allows doctors to focus on more complex cases. Almost every hospital and clinic in Tanzania needs more clinical officers, and graduates are employed immediately after completely clinical officer training college.

Tanzania is currently experiencing a serious teacher shortage at all levels of its educational system. The teacher:pupil ratio in rural areas of Tanzania is often 1:80 or even higher. Graduates from teacher training programs–Early Childhood/Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, and Special Needs–find employment quickly.

Clinical officers and teachers contribute to the health and development of all Tanzanians. We are proud that so many of our students have chosen careers in health care and education. Our graduates in these fields are all employed, and they are making a difference in communities across the country.

Godparents for Tanzania scholarship students at Machame Health Training Institute

Godparents for Tanzania scholarship students at Machame Health Training Institute

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2 Responses to Our Scholarship Program

  1. Anthony Solomon says:

    this is wonderful


  2. Shometi Makanga Maijei says:

    Wonderful job. God bless you for the good work you do in helping the Tanzanian community especially in the field of education and health.


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